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This is the first article of our daily “13 Quick Woodworking Tips” posts.

I will share 13 interesting and helpful tips for woodworkers every day, they could help woodworkers of all levels and fields of craft.

Tip 1: Make A Half Pencil

You should break your work pencil from the bottom to the middle. This allows the pencil to run through perfectly when you’re using a template to measure or draw on something.

Tip 2: Keep the Saw Straight

You see, when you’re holding your saw, don’t keep your finger inside of the grabbing rail or your cuts will be curved.

Tip 3: Use Bench for Blade

You can use your bench for the initial setup on your blade. The taps on the wedge and the blade will be just enough to make it engage-able.

Tip 4: Measure from the Inches

When the end hook is included in the calculation, the result is incorrect.
As a consequence, it is preferable to calculate from the exact inch of the tape.

Tip 5: Two Nails on a Straight Board

To make any sort of angle shooting board, all you need are two nails and a straight board.
All you have to do now is cross the nails on the board.

Tip 6: Use Rubber Pads

Rubber pads should be put under the feet of your bench to keep them from slipping around and causing an accident.
It functions similarly to a pair of sneakers.

Tip 7: Add Copper Down to the Leg Vise

You might want to try putting a copper in your leg vise.
It will undoubtedly improve the appearance, as well as provide you with more comfort and mobility.

Tip 8: Use Sandpaper Eraser

Sandpaper erasers can be used same as hooking hoops.

Tip 9: Skew Your Blade

If you ever need a lower angle blade, simply skew the blade a little and it will do the trick.

Tip 10: Say Yes to Block Plane

A block plane can be a lot more comfortable than a number three smoother. Try it someday.

Tip 11: Always Use a Brush

To remove the shavings, you should ALWAYS use a brush.
Because sharp equipment may cause an event for which you are unprepared.

Tip 12: Short Boards or Jointer

The short-boards are so smooth they could pass for jointers.
It may seem strange, but it can be used as a jointer.

Tip 13: Find the Sandpaper

You can use velcro to store sandpapers on a wooden wall so that you can find them quickly when you need them.