"We plan. We craft. We conquer."


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A meme is a text-enhanced image that has gone viral and generally makes a point about cultural icons, societal concepts, or current events. Check out our variant of Funny woodworking memes in the bottom of this page.

A meme is usually a visual or video, although it can also be a block of text.

When a meme strikes a chord with a large number of people, it is shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, messaging, and more. The higher the cultural influence of a meme, the more it spreads.

Here’s a closer look at what a meme is, what sorts of memes there are, and some meme examples. Some memes remain around for a long time because they symbolize something timeless that people can relate to, such as fatherhood.

Other memes are tied to a particular event or concept.

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In his best-selling 1976 book The Selfish Gene, evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins invented the term “meme” (rhymes with “team”).

He developed the term meme to characterize an idea, action, or style that quickly spreads from person to person in a society, while having no awareness of its future internet-related context.

He compared the transmission of a meme to that of a virus in his book.

The word meme is derived from the Greek word mimeme, which meaning “to imitate.” Dawkins encouraged the use of the term meme into the digital realm decades later.

He claims that the new interpretation isn’t that far from his previous explanation.

Memes used to be the territory of young people in their twenties.

Memes, on the other hand, have been adopted by internet users of all ages and degrees of digital savvy to convey their sentiments. To see our variant of funny woodworking memes, keep on reading towards the bottom of the page.


Memes have become a worldwide phenomenon.

People will share a meme more if it connects with them, and it will spread further.

Memes are generally amusing, but they sometimes include sardonic political or social commentary.

Memes are created for a variety of reasons, including shock value or to impart a life lesson. Occasionally, a single snapshot or brief video will elicit hundreds of amusing responses.

A meme may appeal to a small number of people at times, while it may appeal to a large group of people at other times.

To give you a better notion of the breadth and extent of these viral comments, below are some prominent meme categories and examples. A meme can be a static image or an animated GIF, as long as the content is appealing to others and can be shared.

Popular memes are frequently humorous, ranging from ridiculous to niche to more pointed political humor.

Kids, parenthood, pets, and everyday living provide a never-ending supply of memes. A single amusing image, such as this determined-looking kid squeezing his palm into a fist, often inspires a slew of memes.

The above meme reflects our New Year’s Eve resolve to finally make positive changes. When we obtain an unexpected windfall, the same image depicts our sentiments of happiness and victory.


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