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More time spent indoors these days means more time to watch movies and listen to podcasts!
There are various podcasts available for a variety of interests, including life, fashion, automobiles, and even woodworking. If you’re searching for a fun and insightful designer, producer, or woodworking podcast, look no further because we’ve compiled a list of 6 of the best DIY and woodworking podcasts to keep you amused and updated throughout your quarantine! 

1. Shop Talk Live

This woodworking podcast, created by Fine Woodworking magazine, is the first on our list.
After its launch in March of 2012, it has been online for nearly nine years. This podcast has a weekly release schedule of one episode.
Since its inception, it has developed itself as a strong and dependable source for all things related to woodworking.

The best thing about this podcast is that you don’t have to be a woodworker to enjoy it.
You will learn a lot about woodworking regardless of your skill level!


2. Wood Talk

Wood Talk is a long-running woodworking podcast presented by three experts, Shannon Rogers, Matt Cremona, and Marc Spagnuolo.
This weekly show takes a lighthearted and almost satirical approach to woodworking.

The hosts discuss everything relevant to woodworking and take a lighthearted approach to every subject.
Because of their friendly attitude and helpful hints, their audience has expanded over time.

This podcast is great for you if you want virtual buddies with whom you can be friends in real life and who can lead you through the woodworking process.


3. Reclaimed Audio

Reclaimed Audio is a podcast that encourages listeners to make beautiful pieces out of old stuff. It is a good show about DIY and woodworking.
This show focuses on recycling, upcycling, and making use of products that you already have in your house, as the title implies.

This is ideal during the quarantine era, when people are expected to remain at home and not all specialty stores are available.
You can repurpose what you already have in your home to make something new and useful!


4. Modern Woodworkers Association

The Modern Woodworkers Association podcast is an excellent resource for woodworkers of all skill levels.
It has been online since June 2017 with a weekly duration of one episode.

Modern Woodworkers Association, formed by three great woodworkers Dyami, Sean, and Kyle, focuses on the society of woodworkers and extending their scope through it.
If you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find this podcast to be entertaining, informative, and enjoyable!


5. Faking It

The Faking It podcast is great for those who want a more lighthearted approach to the craft.
The show is a relatively new series that isn’t too serious about itself.
It focuses on the more humorous aspects of woodworking ventures, such as making mistakes, jokes, memes, and a number of pop culture references.


6. Adventures In Design

Because of its regular shows, this podcast is probably one of the most committed on this list.
That’s right, they release new episodes every day.

It’s a great woodworking podcast to listen to while enjoying coffee or breakfast in the morning.
This show aims to include a diverse selection of guests, including musicians, hobbyists, designers, and creatives.