"We plan. We craft. We conquer."

Woodworking is one of the best options available, with a wide range of career options that can pay well.
You also get to construct things!
We go through some of the most compelling arguments why woodworking should be taught in schools.

Career Opportunities

People who work in trades are still in demand.
In the aging economy, there has been a decline in skilled tradesmen as conventional degrees have become more common.
This provides a lot of job opportunities now and in the future.
Carpentry, millwork, and cabinet maker are some of the job choices for those skilled in woodworking.

Technology Changes

The bulk of woodworking is no longer performed with a hammer and nails.
Woodworkers’ techniques have improved and modified as a result of technical advances.

Larger machines, such as CNC machines, take care of a lot of the grunt work.
However, if used wrongly, it can cause serious injury.
That is why woodworker education is so important for a healthy career!

Students will feel more secure going into the market if they have hands-on experience with these complex devices.
Colleges should take this opportunity and introduce these machines to campus so that they can easily educate students and release the best-prepared workers.

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Encourages Creativity

The desire to build is one of the best aspects of this career path!
Every day at work, you’ll have the chance to make something different, drill a new hole, and cut a new angle on a variety of projects.
You’ll usually get to see the final product as well.


Working with your hands and making something from the ground up is incredibly satisfying.
This will help you boost your self-esteem, imagination, and art.
The best part of the work, though, is watching your inventions help others.
If you plan to become a cabinet maker, for example, it’s awesome to see the cabinets in someone’s kitchen being used every day.

Everyday Life Application

Woodworking, like any other trade, has a wide variety of applications in daily life.
When you buy a house, you’ll find that everything inevitably falls apart or breaks.
Instead of contracting out your job, you’ll be able to repair it yourself, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

These are only a couple of the reasons why woodworking should be taught in universities.
This area provides various opportunities for personal and professional advancement, innovation, and practical application.
One of the most rewarding things is seeing what you have produced from nothing.
It’s even better when you see your creation being put to good use by someone else.

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