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If you operate in the woodworking sector, designing memorable logos should be a top focus. Your woodworking business logos may be a representation of your craftsmanship and product quality. If you already have one, you might want to consider renaming it.

Anything made of wood has an extremely gorgeous quality about it. It transports you to a period when things were done with passion and zeal. Even with all of the massive steel and metal industries throughout the world, woodworkers can still be found everywhere, proving that the industry is still thriving.

Here are a few examples of woodworking business logos to get you started.


Woodworking Business Logos #1 Ashley Homestore

Ashley woodworking logo

With their woodworking business logos, Ashley Homestore takes a fresh approach. Because they sell a large range of wood furniture, it’s only natural that their logo depicts a house. It doesn’t have to be a complicated symbol like this one.



You may utilize a specialized like MasterBrand to develop your logo if your woodworking firm has one. It’s all about constructing attractive and effective cabinets for them.

Their woodworking business logo is simple and straightforward, and you can immediately see what they are giving. We sometimes get so caught up in our desire to be highly creative that we forget that woodworking logo should already offer the market a sense of what your company is all about.

Woodworking Business Logos #2 Rösler Woodwork

Rosler Woodworking Logo

Rösler Woodwork has another clever woodworking business logo. At first sight, it appears to be lacking in design components. However, if you look closely, you will notice that this is not the case. It’s straightforward, yet it has a big impact. The sharp blades that dominate the emblem give the impression that this is a serious organization.

Dixon Crafted Homes

Dixon crafted homes

The use of a woodworker illustration is very effective. It conveys a strong sense of heritage and evokes a nostalgic feeling. It gives the idea that all of Dixon Crafted Homes‘ items are manufactured with archaic yet effective woodworking techniques.

The image humanizes the brand, which is beneficial to them.

Woodworking Business Logos #2 Montgomery WoodWrights

montogomery woodworking logo

We must be truthful. For a variety of reasons, this is one of our favorites woodworking business logos. It has a powerful presence and sticks out from the crowd.

Even the font style has its own personality. The positioning of the icons is also excellent. Despite the fact that this logo has a lot going on, it just works. This happens seldom.

However, if done well, you can already have market leverage.

Imperial Woodworking Company


At first glance, this appears to be a standard woodworking business logo. However, if you look closely at the symbols on the left, you’ll see that they resemble wood shavings. Whether this was done on purpose or not, it works well for the company.

This is an excellent illustration of how even the little things can inspire you. Wood shavings, in this example. Who’d have guessed that a ‘waste’ might make a decent logo addition?


sauder woodworking logo

This woodworking enterprise began in 1934 and grew into a household brand during the next two decades. With so much history in the industry, it’s important to be cautious while creating a woodworking business logo. It needs to be timeless.

And that is exactly what SAUDER is about. They’ve been utilizing the same font style for a long time, and we expect it to continue in the future.

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Woodworking Business Logos #9 Roswell Woodworking

Rosewell woodworking

Rosewell Woodworking designed their logo with silhouettes. If you want to show them multiple stories, that’s a clever method. You don’t want it to be too overbearing, though.

The same is used by a lot of businesses. Others, in fact, purposefully conceal subtle pictures in order to tease one’s head. That could work for you as well.

Schmidt Creek Mill


Everything about this woodworking business logo is well-considered. It has a plot, and all of the design aspects are woodworking-related.It’s almost as though it’s screaming what their business is. And that’s a terrific strategy, especially if you’re new to the market and want to make a strong first impression.

This logo, in our opinion, has a long lifespan. And we’re confident that more individuals will use this as a source of inspiration for woodworking business logos.

Woodworking Business Logos #11 Pioneer Millworks

Pioneer woodworking logo

Pioneer Millworks, as you can see from the woodworking business logo, employs reused and sustainable wood materials. The color they selected for the logo reflects this as well. This is where color psychology may be really useful.

You may also create your logo on your company’s unique selling proposition.

Nick Knacks Woodcraft


We were thinking of the luxury vehicle manufacturers that use their initials as an insignia when we spotted this design. That’s how Nick Knacks Woodcraft went about it, and it worked. You may believe that creating such logos does not need much effort, but you are mistaken. To create the right design, every curve and line is meticulously examined.


Of course, your logo is a personal choice.
It all depends on the sort of woodworking services you provide, the resources you employ, and the size of your market.
If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few pointers to get you started.

Select Colors That Are Neutral

Most of the time, neutral tones are the ideal choice for the sector.
Consider the hue of trees and woodlands in their natural state.
You may also use greens or other earthy colors.

Typography with a rustic feel

A lot of woodworking logos also use rustic font to give them that vintage, cozy vibe.
Serif typefaces are preferable if your company specializes in traditional woodwork.
And, as usual, make sure your woodworking business logo is readable.


If you wish to include icons, you may use the standard wood grain, trees, cottages, and even woodworking equipment.
Alternatively, if you have a unique product, it might be promoted.

You can, however, break and bend the rules.
Simply collaborate with experienced designers to ensure that your woodworking logo is successful.

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