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Hexagonal shelves

Woodworking Gifts

Hexagonal or honeycomb shelves have become very popular in the DIY and as Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend lately and we’re sure someone on your list wants one too. The reason for this is that they are interestingly designed, different from the usual shelves and extremely easy to build. You can build six of them in an afternoon and not break a sweat!

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #2: Stacking Totes

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #2

Perfect for a child’s room or foyer, these stackable totes will hide a lot of clutter but still keep items easily accessible, plus they make a great gift for someone with kids. Follow the video, making instructions and technical equipment to make one (or 10!) of these simple storage containers. Make this Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend project.

Industrial style serving tray

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend

Industrial style became popular when urban pioneers started turning old warehouses and factories into living spaces and offices. Characterised by exposed brick and piping, weathered wood and a utilitarian atmosphere, the industrial style transcended architecture and influenced furniture, light fixtures, graphic design and even fashion. Make this Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend to add a little of this style to her home.

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #4: Rustic shelf

Woodworking Gifts

Bring a bit of nature inside with this simple shelf supported by branches. Perfect for someone who loves the outdoors. You’ll need to find two branching branches about 1 inch in diameter, with one relatively straight side to match the wall.

A space-saving wine rack

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #5

There’s plenty of usable space under many kitchen cupboard tops, perfect for storing your favourite vintages. All you need to make this easy wine rack are two 1×4 logs the length of the space under the cabinet and a strip of 3/4-inch plywood the same length and 8 inches wide. Your sommelier friend will absolutely love it. Make this Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend.

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #6: Shoe Organiser

Shoe Organiser

Store shoes higher off the floor in clean, natural wood shelving. This simple storage rack can hold everything from winter boots to summer sandals, and won’t collect mud on the wall or leave scuffs. Your shoe-averse cousin will love it! See how to make one here.

Table catapult

Put this cool project on your desk at work to annoy your colleagues, or give it to one of your young relatives to annoy their parents. Since the only power tools we used are a jigsaw and a drill, making this miniature catapult is super easy!

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #8: Wine Box

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #8

We all know a wine connoisseur (or at least someone who claims to be). The only gift I can think of to give to these people is wine. So instead of a bottle, I just gave a bottle and equipped the delivery with a nice box. These plans make for a simple version of a very versatile project. Build this Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend and perfect it for the next time you need to give a nice bottle of wine.

Laptop stand

Woodworking Gifts

Laptops are unbeatable for their portability, but they lack ergonomics. A good laptop stand helps, but can be expensive and cumbersome, reducing portability. Instead, you can make your own stand that folds down to a very portable size – and for a fraction of the price! This makes a great gift for a relative who is constantly travelling. You can find the template here.

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #10 :Chopping board and serving tray

Looking for a satisfying and beautiful Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend to give this festive season? Make this beautiful chopping board/serving tray from maple and walnut. Simple enough to start in the morning and finish in the afternoon. See all the details here.

Dog bowl stand

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #10

This pet bowl stand design is a great opportunity to perfect your pocket mastery and, who knows, it could blossom into a side or coffee table idea. All you need are some basic tools and hardware. Depending on the size of your dog and your bowls, the dimensions may vary, so secretly measure some puppies and start building! You can find the full instruction manual here.

Woodworking Gifts For Girlfriend #12: Industrial bookends

book stand

Bookends are an easy way to break up space and add character to any bookshelf. These industrial bookends are easy to make; all you need is a drill and a saw. Personalise them to your recipients’ tastes with different wood species, stain or even colour. We used oak, which we treated with a golden oak lacquer, and black steel parts. See the full process here.